Which Movies To Watch Online

Since the good movies being released are simultaneous, some of us can’t keep up with the payment for the entrance fee of the cinema and end up sulking since they are not able to watch and read the spoilers on social media, instead. But, with the websites today that provides the service to watch movies online, you don’t need to get sad anymore. Learn more about watch movies online on watchmoviesonline9.

Apparently, due to the numerous titles available, I would like to suggest some of the great movies to watch because of their good reviews.

Recommended Movies To Watch

  • Wonder Woman – ever since the release of DC movies, it’s hard to determine when does female heroes are going to take the limelight. Apparently, Wonder Woman started it off with a blast and people are very much interested how the story of Diana Prince unfolds as she battles with Ares.
  • IT – if you are the type of person who enjoys a bit of a spook, this movie is the one for you. Afraid of clowns? I suggest you don’t watch because after the movie, you might not want to see another clown again because of the cannibal Mr. Pennywise the clown.
  • Annabelle: The Creation – have you ever wondered how come Annabelle the doll got possessed in the first place? This movie will answer everything. Now, you will learn how to fear dolls more thanks to the spook this movie will give you.
  • Batman Vs. Superman – it’s rare to see a movie of two heroes fighting each other. But, then again, how will their fight turn out if each of them has a different way of looking at justice?
  • Thor: Ragnarok – Marvel fans have been waiting for the time that another Thor movie is released and now, with this battle for his homeland, fans will go with Thor and Loki in their adventures again.